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Really enjoyed it although a bit weird and didnt full understand it. Sould have liked it to be a bit longer ^_^ 

you should make this for mac.

Sure, will post a mac version too when its done

This is...interesting. Please add more to it and keep up the great work.



Hi, short game but cool. I agree with what Adrionic said about making it like an escape room with clues and puzzles. Definitely would love to see a longer game, expanding and explaining more of the story.

Hello there!

I was scrolling through when I noticed your game. I've read through your game and I'm really interested in it and I would like to make a video on your game for my YouTube channel. Would it be possible to make a video?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

Ye sure but its a bit short, ill post the full one really soon.

Thing is i live in iran and there were protests againts the gov so they shut down the internet for a full week, thats why it took me so long to reply and i couldnt even work.

Sorry for that but the full game will be done really really soon.



I shall wait for the full release and then make a video. You don't need to say sorry, what happens is out of your control so I understand why it's taking you a long period of time to do things.

I am willing to wait for the full release of your game :)


This has a lot of promise! I'd love to see this turn into an escape room type of game, with clues and puzzles hidden around the room. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks so muvh for the video and comment!

Will 100 percent finish the game soon


Hi there I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from all of you people out there by living a like and subscribe to my channel.

The game Claustrophobe is extremely short and I hope that it can be much longer than it is now. I feel that the game can be further developed as it is quite plain at simple at the moment. I like the concept of glitching and strange protruding walls so good job for that. The only problem for the game now is the length and storyline for it as it does not explain anything about my purpose in the "Cell" and what I am doing here as a test subject. Overall, I look forward to see a longer version of this game :). Thank you.


Thank you for your honest and great feedback!

Ive been working on the horror project SCP : Escape Root for the past 5 months (which will be on steam) and i dont get to eork on other stuff much but im planning to clear out next week so i can finish this game.

The feedback you give is what i look for when i make a game, thank you.

Also im gonna subscribe.

Thank you so much for subscribing and umm... Give me a heads-up when you are done with your new game :).

I will play it XD.


very nice game

Thank you


like the idea :) would be cool with more days and more tasks... maybe faster walking speed??


Thank you.

I will finish the game someday, maybe in a few weeks.

Ill fix the walking sleed aswell.

may i ask what is the "Horror" aspect? i dislike horror and would like to know in advance


also how do i open a .RAR file?

Download win.rar and just extract the file by right clicking on the rar file anx pressing Extract.


Well i kinda put it in the "horror" tag because i see the full version of the game getting kinda creepy as it goes but theres nothing horror uin the beta


Why is this game called claustrophobe exactly?

I was hoping to make this the foundation and built upon it if people like it and then in the game you would know why its called claustrophobe.

I guess that answers your question.


Oh, ok! Thanks! Ill download it and try!


i dont see how to download it


oh its because i was updating the game, you can download now.


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Big thanks mate!!